How to create a vintage inspired wedding.

 Creating a magical celebration does take more effort but the end result is a feast for your guest’s eyes as well as an atmosphere for whimsy and fun. Having a lot of imagination, choosing a theme and making a list of things to find and create is your first step. Most likely, you have artistic friends who are willing to help with some of the projects and offering choices of what needs to be done or created to your bridal party will really help. Doing it all yourself can be overwhelming. I know. When Nelson and I got married nearly ten years ago, I hand painted and fired 150 glass plates and wine stems, had artist friends help make candle jars with beads and wire to hang in the trees , designed and printed all of my invitations…and created a lot of small details that made our wedding unique and artistic. Nelson and I photographed a beautiful wedding on Saturday where the bride and groom had worked hard for months to create the vintage country wedding of their dreams. Tonia and Gentry’s wedding was held at the Diamond D Ranch near the Equestrian Center off Normandy so already the venue was very country and natural. There were horses, buffalo, goats, old barns and rustic fences. What made it more special was the little touches that they did that made it even more magical. Tonia had purchased a hundred old mismatched china settings, teal ball jars, old books, handmade cloth napkins, candles, chandeliers, and antiques. Gentry, the groom actually made the many wood benches for all the guests to sit on at the ceremony site in the woods. They had a very cool carved door at the entrance to the ceremony site adorned with roses. The flower girl was dressed in a pink tutu with cowboy boots and rode a white horse down the aisle before the bride’s entrance. All the wedding attendants had dressed in country inspired vintage looking outfits. The 1949 Ford truck was borrowed from a friend and used to escort the bride from the bunk house to the ceremony. We also were able to use the truck for some fun shots of the bridesmaids before the ceremony. Their wedding invitation was an antique hankerchief with the invitation wording printed right on the cloth and folded cleverly into the envelope. There were numerous crystal chandeliers hanging in the reception barn as well as the ceremony site, hanging from the tree where they said their vows. The table cards were hung on hand painted clothes lines on burlap. They had a candy bar with vintage cash registers and bell jars full of sweets. The beverages were served in mason jars with paper straws. Lemonade, cucumber water and sweet tea were in large spouted glass containers. The bride and groom had their own decorated table with antique furniture, teacups, roses, books and pearls. I could go on and on…the point is that they had a vision of a vintage, country theme and worked very hard to create the details to make it happen. Bravo!!!!
Whatever your theme is, either hiring a professional wedding stylist with artistic flair or doing it yourself like Tonia and Gentry can really make your celebration more special. As an artist myself, there were times that my heart was so touched by the beauty of the scene, the lovingly created details and the people behind the magic.

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