Well. I checked an experience off my bucket list Saturday. My friend Frank has been flying since the late 1960’s and I trusted his piloting completely. I had no idea how it worked, jumping from cloud to cloud on he cloud street. First we were towed up behind a single engine plane. It was important to keep the nose at the right angle so A. we didnt pull the towing plane down or B. we didnt make the plane crash. Success! When we were towed to the first cloud which was close to 3,000 feet, I was able to pull the yellow tow hitch and we were on our own. Clouds have updrafts underneath and finding the updrafts, which are like invisible tornadoes, was hard but frank knew what to look for. With no clouds, you glide back down to earth. Following the hawks and eagles gave clues to where the updrafts were. To go higher, you must ride the updraft in a circle round and round as you get higher. Then you can glide to the next cloud, looking for another updraft.We glided for an hour between 3-4,300 feet in the quiet. Theonly noise was the wind blowing through the porthole window and the altimeter beeping as you descend. It was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t stop smiling!! Perfect day to see all of Duval county, downtown Jacksonville and eastward to the ocean. I only had a 24-85 lens on my camera. No room in tight space for a longer lens.


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