For the love of Photography

I have loved photography since I was a young girl. It wasn’t until in my 50’s that I left the corporate life as a graphic designer and Creative Director to pursue it full time. Working hard to hone my skills as a portrait photographer specializing in weddings, (over 200) learning and growing continually, I still have made time for my fine art photography. In 2009 I actually was honored as one of the noted fine art photographers internationally by Silvershotz Magazine and have also had my work in many art gallery shows over the last fifteen years. Fine art photography for me is a passion that gives me such joy. I adore adding textures and manipulating my images to create more of the mood of when I captured the image.

Sometimes I find myself in acute back pain at my computer “playing” with an image to enhance and create an effect I envision. Its addicting. There are so many photoshop actions that you can purchase and also I make my own actions of effects that I want to try on other images.

California 2016

Photographing crackling paint, water, rocks or wood textures and then softly layering  into certain areas of a photo alters the feeling sometimes dramatically. Each image calls to me to create something more special than when I originally shot it. Each become unique statements. Each image brings back memories and history.


By the way, the last photo is me.


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